Mike Allen wears many hats.

He founded the small press journal Mythic Delirium (1998–2018), and his work there as editor and publisher earned him a 2019 World Fantasy Award nomination. His publishing imprint, not surprisingly, is called Mythic Delirium Books, and through it he has published the Clockwork Phoenix anthology series (Clockwork Phoenix 5 was itself a World Fantasy Award finalist), the Mythic Delirium anthology series (co-edited with his wife, Anita Allen), the collaborative anthology A Sinister Quartet (forthcoming June 2020, with C. S. E. Cooney, Amanda J. McGee and Jessica P. Wick), and many other works.

He has also published four solo poetry collections—Disturbing Muses (Prime Books, 2005), Strange Wisdoms of the Dead (Wildside Press, 2006; Philadelphia Inquirer Editor's Choice Selection), The Journey to Kailash (Mythic Delirium Books, 2008), and Hungry Constellations (Mythic Delirium Books, 2014; Suzette Haden Elgin Award nominee). His poems "Epochs in Exile: A Fantasy Trilogy" (2002, co-written with Charles M. Saplak), "The Strip Search" (2005), and "The Journey to Kailash" (2006) have all won the Rhysling Award.

His debut story collection, Unseaming (Antimatter Press, 2014), was a Shirley Jackson Award finalist, and his horror story "The Button Bin" (2007) was a Nebula Award finalist. He has also published two additional short story collections, The Spider Tapestries (Mythic Delirium Books, 2016) and Aftermath of an Industrial Accident (Mythic Delirium Books, forthcoming July 2020), and a novel, The Black Fire Concerto (Haunted Stars, 2015).

For 11 years, he's worked as the arts and culture columnist for the daily newspaper in Roanoke, VA, where he and Anita live with a cat so full of trouble she's named Pandora. You can follow Mike's exploits as a writer at descentintolight.com, as an editor at mythicdelirium.com, and all at once on Twitter at @mythicdelirium.