John Benson is editor and publisher of Not One of Us, a long-running (1986 - present) hardcopy magazine about people (or things) out of place in their surroundings: outsiders, social misfits, aliens in the SF sense—anyone excluded from society for whatever the reason. (See More than 120 stories and poems from the pages of Not One of Us have been reprinted or honorably mentioned in best-of collections. He also edited The Best of Not One of Us (Prime, 2006). From 1984 through 1987, he served as editor of the horror magazine Doppelgänger.

John is the author of nearly 100 published poems. "The Waters Where Once We Lay," co-authored with Sonya Taaffe, was honorably mentioned in the 21st The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, (Datlow, Link, and Grant, eds.).

John is also a research scientist and managing director of the opinion research program at the Harvard School of Public Health. He has co-authored the reference book American Public Opinion and Health Care (CQ Press, 2011) and more than 100 articles in medical, policy, and public opinion journals. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Anke Kriske, son Derek, and a cat.