James L. Cambias ("Jim") is a game designer and science fiction writer. He was raised in New Orleans and educated at the University of Chicago; he now lives in western Massachusetts. He started writing roleplaying games in 1990, but only published his first science fiction in 2000 with a pair of short stories in F&SF. "The Ocean of the Blind" was included in the 22nd Year's Best Science Fiction (Dozois, ed.), "The Eckener Alternative" in Year's Best SF 10 (Hartwell and Cramer, eds.), and "Balancing Accounts" in the 26th Dozois Year's Best. Other work has appeared in Hellboy: Odder Jobs (Golden, ed.), All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories (Moles and Lake, eds.), Crossroads (Cox and Duncan, eds.), and in Shimmer, The Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives, and Nature. His most recent story is "Object Three" (F&SF, Nov/Dec 2011).

Wearing his game-designer hat Mr. Cambias has written a dozen roleplaying game supplements for Steve Jackson Games and HERO games. He is a founding partner in Zygote Games, a company specializing in science and nature based card games. In 2001 he was a finalist for the Campbell Award, and in the same year became a member of the Cambridge Science Fiction Writers' workshop, where he has dug in like a tick. He maintains a blog at jamescambias.com.