Rob Cameron (though not his real name, it is written on all of his bylines) writes strange stories, one of which, “Squeeze” (a 3-star review on Tangent!) can be found in Mike Allen's anthology Clockwork Phoenix 5 (Mythic Delirium, 2016).

Rob Cameron, besides producing and editing the Kaleidocast, and acting as lead organizer for the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, is a sometimes curator for the New York Review of Science Fiction’s Reading Series, part of the Surreal Symphony of Zak Zyz, and a pie addict with neither regrets nor inclinations towards rehab.

Rob is a linguist, an ENL teacher in Brooklyn, and a graduate of the Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic. When not hunting pies in their natural habitat, engaged in spec-fic related activities, or dragon boat racing (it’s a real thing), he’s researching folklore and the causes + cures for toxic masculinity. Fun fun!

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