Jeffrey A. Carver fell in love with science fiction when he met the space cadets of the Solar Guard in the Tom Corbett series, and all of the wonderful heroes in the young adult SF of the 1950s. If he had his druthers, he'd be on the deck of a starship right now. Though he is often called a hard-science-fiction writer, Carver's greatest interest has always been character development and story, and a healthy sense of wonder.

He is the author of sixteen science fiction novels, including most recently Sunborn (Tor, 2008, the fourth volume of The Chaos Chronicles); Battlestar Galactica (Tor, 2006, a novelization of the SciFi Channel's initial miniseries); and Eternity's End, a novel of conflict and mystery in the far future, which was a Nebula finalist (Tor, 2000). His novels Neptune Crossing (Tor, 1994), Strange Attractors (Tor, 1995), and The Infinite Sea (Tor, 1996) launched The Chaos Chronicles in the 1990s; then he worked on other things for a while. He's now hard at work on the fifth Chaos volume, The Reefs of Time.

His other favorite playground is the Star Rigger universe of Eternity's End, where dragons and spaceships occasionally cross paths; Dragons in the Stars (Tor, 1992) and Dragon Rigger (Tor, 1993) are now available as the ebook omnibus Dragon Space. Other novels in the Star Rigger universe include Seas of Ernathe (his first novel, Laser, 1976), Star Rigger's Way (Dell, 1978; revised edition Tor, 1994), and Panglor (Dell, 1980; revised edition Tor, 1996).

Carver's novels also include The Infinity Link (Bluejay/Tor, 1984), The Rapture Effect (Tor, 1987), Roger Zelazny's Alien Speedway: Clypsis (Bantam, 1987), and From a Changeling Star (Bantam Spectra, 1989) and its sequel Down the Stream of Stars (Bantam Spectra, 1990). The latter two later turned out, to his surprise, to be connected to The Chaos Chronicles.

All of Carver's works are available in ebook form. Go to for a complete listing. Some are available for free download; see

His short fiction has appeared in Warriors of Blood and Dream (Zelazny, ed.), Habitats (Susan Shwartz, ed.), Dragons of Darkness (Card, ed.), Future Love: A Science Fiction Triad (Elwood, ed.), and Science Fiction Age, Science Fiction Times, Galileo, F&SF, Galaxy, Fiction, and the Sunday supplement of the Boston Herald. Most of these stories are available as standalone ebooks. They are about to be collected in two ebook collections: Reality and Other Fictions (which may be out by the time you read this) and Going Alien (to follow soon after).

Teaching writing has become an important part of Carver’s life and work. In 1995, he developed and hosted the educational TV series, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing—a live, interactive broadcast into middle school classrooms across the country. That work morphed into a complete writing course on CD-ROM, published by MathSoft as part of a home-study software package, StudyWorks! Science Deluxe. When that went out of print, Carver put the whole thing up online, where it's available free to all (but geared to younger writers) at He has also taught at the New England Young Writers Conference at Bread Loaf in Vermont, and at the Odyssey Workshop. In addition, he is cofounder (with Craig Shaw Gardner) of the occasional Ultimate SF Writing Workshop right here in the Boston area.

Carver lives outside Boston with his wife Allysen, his two daughters, Captain Jack (a border-collie/lab), and Moonlight (a rare Egyptian desert sand cat). His interests include flying, faith, underwater exploration, and astronomy; his blog, Pushing a Snake Up a Hill, is at