Suzy McKee Charnas, a Guest of Honor at Readercon 12, began writing at age 6 and got published, aged 31, with a novel of fierce humor and enthusiastic radicalism, Walk to the End of the World (Ballantine, 1974; selected by David Pringle for Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels and awarded a Retro Tiptree in 1996). Then came sequels: Motherlines (Putnam, 1978; also a Retro Tiptree winner), The Furies (Tor, 1994; Tiptree short list and Lambda finalist), and, finally, The Conqueror's Child (Tor, 1999; Tiptree winner), a series chronicling the development not only of her characters and their world but of many of her own ideas over the 25 years it took to finish writing it. This epic has been reissued as The Holdfast Chronicles in trade paper in Tor's Orb SF classics line, and named to the Gaylactic Spectrum Hall of Fame in 2003.

Among general readers she is better known for The Vampire Tapestry (Simon and Schuster, 1980; selected by David Pringle for Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels; Nebula and Balrog finalist), which seems poised to be optioned yet again for one of those movies that never actually gets made (but we can dream). Her YA series set in a fantastic Manhattan, The Bronze King (Houghton Mifflin, 1985), The Silver Glove (Bantam, 1988), and The Golden Thread (Bantam, 1989), is available via electronic download. Dorothea Dreams (Arbor House, 1986), a realistic paranormal novel about a haunted artist, and The Kingdom of Kevin Malone (Harcourt Brace, 1993), a YA fantasy and recipient of the Mythopoeic Society's Aslan Award, are also out as ebooks. Finally, there's The Ruby Tear (Tor, 1997), a "romantic horror" novel as by "Rebecca Brand."

Her short story collection, Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms (Tachyon, 2004), includes a slew of notable and widely anthologized stories. Novella "Unicorn Tapestry" won the 1980 Nebula and was a World Fantasy finalist; novelette "Listening to Brahms" was a 1986 Nebula finalist and a Pulphouse Short Story Paperback; "Boobs," a teen girl werewolf short story, won the 1989 Hugo and was a Nebula, Locus, and SF Chronicle finalist; "Advocates," with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, was a 1991 Stoker novelette finalist; and novelette "Beauty and the Opera, or the Phantom Beast", was a 1996 Hugo, World Fantasy, Sturgeon, Tiptree, and Locus finalist. Moonstone and Tiger-Eye (Pulphouse, 1992) includes a pair of stories more readily available.

"Scorched Supper on New Niger" was in The Best Science Fiction of the Year #10 (Carr, ed.) and Women of Wonder: the Contemporary Years (Sargent, ed.). "Lowland Sea" was in both the 2nd The Best Horror of the Year (Datlow, ed.) and the 2010 The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror (Guran, ed.). Her latest published work, "Late Bloomer," was in Teeth (Datlow and Windling, eds.), a YA collection of stories about vampires who are not sparkly but are staggeringly varied and entertaining anyway; it was just selected for the 2012 The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (Horton, ed.). Other stories appear in A Whisper of Blood (Datlow, ed.), Sextopia (Tan, ed.), and Streets of Blood (Schimel and Greenberg, eds.).

A full-length stage play, Vampire Dreams, made by her from the heart of The Vampire Tapestry, has been staged on both coasts (published by BPPI,

Charnas maintains a sporadic blog and chats on Facebook but will not tweet: the line has to be drawn somewhere, if only so some actual work can get done. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, two orange cats, friends, neighbors, and a would-be garage-band next door with whom negotiations are constantly ongoing. Her URL is, where visitors are most welcome.