Shira Daemon's fiction has appeared in Strange Kaddish (Meth and Mainhardt, eds.), Blood Muse (Friesner and Greenberg, ed.), Splatterpunks II (Sammon, ed.), Xanadu III (Yolen, ed.), Writers of the Future 11, and Tomorrow Speculative Fiction. Her reviews have appeared in the New York Review of Science Fiction (1991-4), and her Locus column (1995-7). She reviewed Patricia McKillip’s Riddle of Stars series for Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, and has published various pieces in literary encyclopedias and other odd places.

She is married to Kenneth L. Houghton. Their latest joint productions are Valerie Jenna Rose and Rosalyn Pandora Houghton. Shira has recently completed a Master's Program in Speech and Language Pathology, and plans to begin teaching language skills and pragmatics to a whole new generation of humans.