Randee Dawn is an author, journalist, and lucky denizen of Brooklyn. Her first novel, the humorous pop-culture fantasy Tune in Tomorrow, will be published in 2022 by Solaris Books.

Her short fiction has appeared in publications and podcasts including 3AM Magazine and the now-defunct Well Told Tales - Pulp Fiction Podcast. Other stories have appeared in anthologies including Where We May Wag (ed. Piazza; Writing Piazza Press, 2018), Children of a Different Sky (ed. Alexander; Kos Books, 2018), Magic for Beginners (eds. Simpson and Stout; Fantasia Divinity, 2019), Dim Shores Presents (Dim Shores Publications, 2021) and Another World: Stories of Portal Fantasy (ed. Linhardt; SummerStorm Press, 2021).

She has a short collection of dark speculative fiction short stories, Home for the Holidays (self-published via Createspace, 2012), and co-authored The Law & Order: SVU Unofficial Companion (BenBella Books, 2009). She co-edited the speculative fiction anthology of what-if stories about The Beatles, Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles (Fantastic Books, 2019).

When not making stuff up, Randee publishes entertainment profiles, reviews, and think pieces regularly in outlets including Variety, The Los Angeles Times, Today.com, and Emmy Magazine, and writes trivia for BigBrain. She can be found at her website, RandeeDawn.com, and on Twitter as @RandeeDawn.