Daniel P. Dern is still plugging away at his collection of short-shorts, Dern Grim Bedtime Tales, Few Of Which End Well, & Other Stories (see DernGrimBedtimeTales.com), which are intended to be "Morally Instructive To The Listener, and Therapeutically Cathartic For the Listener (and The Writer)," e.g. "The Boy Who Didn't Want His Food Touching Each Other." Some of the DGBTs are short enough to be read aloud in less than a minute, and most take no more than five; feel free to request one, time and circumstances permitting. Other projects include kids/YA/Jewish short fiction (e.g. "The Magic Latke").

A graduate of Clarion East 1973, he's published sf stories in The Best of New Dimensions (Silverberg, ed.), Ascents of Wonder (Gerrold), Analog, Worlds of If, and Tomorrow Speculative Fiction. "For Malzberg It Was They Came" appeared in (and sparked the notion for) F&SF's June 2003 Malzberg tribute issue.

By day (and some evenings), he is still an independent technology & business writer. He's now got blogs including TryingTechnology.com, DernsPRTips.com, and the more general Dern Near Everything Else. He's the author of The Internet Guide for New Users (McGraw-Hill, 1993), was the founding editor of Internet World magazine (valuable collectible sets still available, at reasonable prices!), and was Executive Editor for Byte.com for nearly three years.

He's also a very amateur magician (including kids' shows at sf conventions; "performing for free means never having to say ‘Here's your refund'"). He lives with Bobbi Fox, and somewhat fewer but still too many books, comic books, and obsolete computers, in Newton Centre.