Allan Dyen-Shapiro has sold seven stories to venues paying pro rates. "Like Him with Friends Possess'd" ran in the December 2019 issue of Flash Fiction Online and made Tangent Online's 2019 Recommended Reading List. "Crazy Horse's Prodigal Granddaughter" was published in the January 2020 issue of The Grantville Gazette. "I'm Proud of You, Mum" appeared in the first Mind Candy anthology (ed. Mullen; CreateSpace, 2018). "Crossing the Boundaries of Virtual Jerusalem" appeared in Holy C.O.W. Anthology Volume One: SF Stories from the Center Of the World (Holy C.O.W. Publishing, 2019), which he co-edited with D. Avraham. Three of his pro sales have probable publication dates in 2022: "Evidence from the Trial of a Dangerous Man" in The People's Preservatory; "Kaddish for Stalin" in Other Covenants: Alternate Histories of the Jewish People (eds. Lobel and Shainblum); and "The Bimani Hilton" in Clash of the Titles (ed. Bavel). Semi-pro sales include stories in Innovation: Queer Sci Fi's Seventh Annual Flash Fiction Contest (ed. Coatsworth; Queer Sci Fi, 2020), Ink (ed. Coatsworth; Queer Sci Fi, 2021), Just A Minor Malfunction (issue #5), and AntipodeanSF (issue #210), plus six others, all of which are listed, with links, on Allan's website——along with a few freebie stories and his blog, where he opines on environmentalism, futurism, science, literature, science fiction in all media, and whatever else he thinks would interest his readers.

Allan is a Ph.D. biochemist who did research in numerous subfields of biology, chemistry, and environmental science, and who currently works as an educator. He is a member of SFWA and Codex. He lives in Southwest Florida. Friend him on Facebook (, and follow him on Twitter (@Allan_author_SF).