Scott Edelman is a four-time Hugo Award finalist and an eight-time Stoker Award finalist, and has published nearly 100 short stories. His work has been published in periodicals such as Analog, Postscripts, and The Twilight Zone, and in anthologies such as Why New Yorkers Smoke (ed. Ortiz; NonStop Press, 2011), Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic (eds. Cox and Duncan; Tor Books, 2004), and MetaHorror (ed. Etchison; Donald M. Grant Publishers, 1992). His collections include These Words Are Haunted (Wildside Press, 2001), What Will Come After (PS Publishing, 2010; Stoker Award finalist, Shirley Jackson Memorial Award finalist), and What We Still Talk About (Fantastic Books, 2010). The most recent, Tell Me Like You Done Before (and Other Stories Written on the Shoulders of Giants) (Lethe Press, 2018), assembles homages to all his influences. He is also the author of The Gift (Space and Time Publications, 1990; Lambda Award finalist).

Edelman worked for the Syfy Channel for more than thirteen years, editing Science Fiction Weekly, SCI FI Wire, and Blastr. He was the founding editor of Science Fiction Age, which he edited during its entire eight-year run. He also edited the SF media magazines SCI FI and Sci-Fi Entertainment for more than a decade, as well as Sci-Fi Universe and Sci-Fi Flix.

He worked as an assistant editor for Marvel Comics in the '70s, writing everything from display copy for superhero Slurpee cups to the famous Bullpen Bulletins pages. After becoming a freelancer in 1976, he worked for both Marvel and DC. His scripts appeared in Captain Marvel, Master of Kung Fu, Omega the Unknown, Time Warp, House of Mystery, Weird War Tales, Welcome Back, Kotter, and others. He created the character of Dr. Minn-Erva, recently seen portrayed by Gemma Chan in the Captain Marvel movie.