David G. Hartwell, a Guest of Honor at Readercon 13, has an elaborate website (www.davidghartwell.com) that includes many unusual sights. He won the Hugo for professional editor for 2005, having been a finalist for that award on 14 previous occasions (1981-3, '86-9, '97-2000, '02-4). He subsequently won the long form editor Hugo for 2007 and 2008, and was a finalist for both long and short forms for 2006. He was a 1987 World Fantasy winner (Special Award—Professional), and was a finalist for 1980-2 and '86. He was a seven-time SF Chronicle editor winner (1983, '86-8, '94-5, '97) and a finalist another seven times (every other year from 1982 to 1996 except 1990 and 1993), and a twenty-time Locus editor finalist (1988-9, '92-4, '96-2010). He is the only living book editor listed among "200 Most Important People in Science Fiction" in the 200th issue of Starlog.

He has co-edited 27 anthologies with Kathryn Cramer (q.v.), including five Locus finalists, and two with Glenn Grant (q.v.). Alone or with others, he has edited The Battle of the Monsters and Other Stories with L. W. Curry (Gregg, 1976), World Fantasy winner The Dark Descent (Tor, 1987), The World Treasury of Science Fiction (Little, Brown, 1989), Foundations of Fear (Tor, 1992), Christmas Stars (Tor, 1992), World Fantasy finalist Christmas Forever (Tor, 1993), The Screaming Skull and Other Great American Ghost Stories (Tor, 1994), Christmas Magic (Tor, 1994), Screaming Skull II (Tor, 1995), Locus finalists Year's Best SF 1 through 6 (HarperPrism, 1996-1999, Eos 2000-1), Visions of Wonder with Milton T. Wolf (Tor, 1996), Bodies of the Dead and Other Great American Ghost Stories (Tor, 1997), Locus finalist The Science Fiction Century (Tor, 1997), Centaurus: The Best of Australian Science Fiction with Damien Broderick (Tor, 1999), The Mammoth Book of 20th Century Science Fiction: Volume One and Two (Robinson, 2003-4), The Palencar Project (Tor, 2012) and The Sword and Sorcery Anthology with Jacob Weisman (Tachyon, 2012). Two more are forthcoming in 2013.

Hartwell is a senior editor at Tor/Forge. He was a consulting editor at NAL (1971-3) and at Berkley ('73-8) and director of SF at Timescape ('78-83) and Arbor House/Morrow ('84-91). In the meantime, he has consulted for Gregg Press ('75-86), Waldenbooks Otherworlds Club ('83-4), Tor ('83-94), and the BOMC ('89), edited Cosmos magazine ('77-8), and been an administrative consultant for the Turner Tomorrow Awards ('90-1). He was editor and publisher of The Little Magazine (1965-88), co-publisher, with Paul Williams, of Entwhistle Books (1967-82), and co-publisher, with L.W. Currey, of Dragon Press (1973-8). Since 1978 he has been Dragon Press's proprietor; since 1988 they have published The New York Review of Science Fiction, a 22-time Hugo semiprozine finalist (1988-2008 and currently) and two-time Readercon winner (1988, '90); he is the magazine's reviews and features editor. Since 2009, he has also been the proprietor of the Dragon Press Bookstore.

Hartwell is the author of Age of Wonders: Exploring the World of Science Fiction (Walker/McGraw-Hill, 1984; revised edition Tor, 1996). His book reviews and articles have appeared in Crawdaddy (1968-74) and Locus (1971-3), Publishers Weekly, Top of the News, and The New York Times Book Review, and in Editors on Editing (Gross, ed.) and other books. He has been a founder and administrator of a number of sf institutions: the World Fantasy Convention and Award since 1975 (board chairman since 1978); the Philip K. Dick Award since 1982 to 2012; executive board member of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts since 1995; and Sercon from 1987 to its 1991 demise (Readercon, conceived simultaneously and independently, having essentially made it redundant). He was a judge of the first Readercon Small Press Awards. He is an Advisory Board member of the SF Hall of Fame and Museum and presently a Hall of Fame Judge. He received the Skylark Award from NESFA in 2006 and was made a Fellow of NESFA in 2008.

He earned his Ph.D. from Columbia in comparative medieval literature. He has taught sf and contemporary literature and writing at the Stevens Institute of Technology (1973-6), Clarion West (1984, '86, '90, 2000, '09), and Clarion South in Brisbane, Australia (2004); been a Visiting Professor at Harvard Summer School (1987-93) and New York University (1993); and served as an Advisory Board Member of the Western Connecticut College Writing Program since 2004. He lives in Westport, New York & Pleasantville, New York.