Cecelia Holland writes historical fiction. Her books include The Firedrake (1966, Atheneum), Rakossy (1967, Atheneum), The Kings in Winter (1968, Atheneum), Until the Sun Falls (1969, Atheneum), Antichrist (1970, Atheneum), The Earl (1971, Knopf), The Death of Attila (1973, Knopf), Great Maria (1974, Knopf), Floating Worlds (1975, Knopf), Two Ravens (1976, Knopf), City of God (1977, Knopf), Home Ground (1980, Knopf), The Sea Beggars (1981, Knopf), The Belt of Gold (1982, Knopf), Pillar of the Sky (1983, Knopf), Lords of Vaumartin (1984, Houghton Mifflin), The Bear Flag (1985, Houghton Mifflin), Pacific Street (1987, Houghton Mifflin), Jerusalem (1996, Forge), Valley of the Kings (1997, Forge), Railroad Schemes (1997, Forge). Lily Nevada (1998, Forge), The Angel and the Sword (2000, Forge), The Soul Thief (2002, Forge), The Witches' Kitchen (2004, Forge), The Serpent Dreamer (2005, Forge), Varanger (2008, Forge), The High City (2009, Forge), The Kings of the North (2010, Forge), The Secret Eleanor (2010, Berkeley). She has recently written some short stories for Gardner Dozois' anthologies, "Dragon's Deep", THE DRAGON BOOK (2009), "The King of Norway," WARRIORS (2010), and "The Demon Lover", SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH (late 2010). She has written non-fiction articles for Miltary Hostory Quarterly on the Templars, the Mexican-American War, the Emperor Heraclius, and the rise of the Arab Navy, and in Robert Cowley's WHAT IF books of counterfactual history essays she has articles on the Mongol assault on Europe, the Battle of Hastings and the Railroad Wars of 1877. (1999, Forge) is a biography of Nancy Kelsey, the first American woman to cross the Sierra to California in 1843. She doesn't seem to get awards for anything but she did win a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1982.

She lives in Northern California, where the trees outnumber the people, as it should be, she has three daughters and five grandchildren. For ten years she taught writing to inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison, the most violent prison in the country. Her website is Thefiredrake.com.