Walter H. Hunt is a science-fiction and historical fiction author. His first four novels were the Dark Wing military sf series from Tor: The Dark Wing (2001), The Dark Path (2002), The Dark Ascent (2003), and The Dark Crusade (2004). A Song In Stone (Wizards of the Coast, 2008) is a novel of the Templars. Elements of Mind, a novel dealing with the 19th century science of mesmerism, is in an editor's hand, and a second novel on the same subject is in progress, along with King and Country, an alternate history of America. His collaboration with Eric Flint on a novel in Flint's 1632 universe is due from Baen in 2013. Short fiction appears in Hal's World (Tourtellotte, ed.) and Ring of Fire III (Flint, ed.). He is a baseball fan and Freemason, and has contributed several articles for the Massachusetts Masonic quarterly magazine, Trowel. He lives in eastern Massachusetts with his wife and teenage daughter.