Alexander Jablokov (pronounced "Ya-") is the author of the novel Brain Thief (Tor, 2010). Previous books are Locus first novel finalist Carve The Sky(Morrow/Avonova, 1991), A Deeper Sea (Morrow/Avonova, 1992), Nimbus (Morrow, 1993), River of Dust (Avon, 1996), and Deepdrive (Avon Eos, 1998). His story "Bad Day on Boscobel" was in the The Other Half of the Sky, and is in the 31st The Year's Best Science Fiction (Dozois, ed.). His short fiction collection The Breath of Suspension (Arkham House, 1994) was a New York Times Notable Book, and includes "At the Cross-Time Jaunter's Ball" from the 5th The Year's Best Science Fiction (Dozois, ed.), "A Deeper Sea" from the 7th, "The Death Artist" from the 8th, and "Living Will" from the 9th. "Market Report" appears in Year's Best SF 4 (Hartwell, ed.), "Brain Raid" in the 2008 Science Fiction: The Best of the Year (Horton, ed.), and "Blind Cat Dance" in the 28th Dozois. Other short fiction appears in Future Boston (Smith, ed.), Christmas Magic (Hartwell, ed.), Intersections (Kessel, Van Name, and Butner, eds.), and in Asimov's, F&SF, Amazing, Interzone, Science Fiction Age, and Aboriginal SF. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.