Barry B. Longyear is the first writer to win the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, all in the same year. The story was his 1979 novella, "Enemy Mine." The "Author's Cut" version of "Enemy" and its sequel, The Tomorrow Testament (Berkley, 1983), appear in the omnibus The Enemy Papers (White Wolf, 1998), along with the conclusion of the trilogy, The Last Enemy. Also included in The Enemy Papers are the Drac bible, The Talman, a Drac-English Dictionary, and essays.

His Circus World series, set in the same universe, consists of the eponymous collection (Doubleday/Berkely, 1981), which was named to the Prometheus Hall of Fame in 1999 and includes "Proud Rider" (in Science Fiction Masterpieces, Asimov, ed.), the prequel episodic novel City of Baraboo (Berkely, 1980), and the midquel novel Elephant Song (Berkley,1982). Other stories in the same universe, including "Enemy Mine" and 1980 Hugo novelette finalist, "Savage Planet," are in his collection Manifest Destiny (Berkley, 1980).

The omnibus Infinity Hold\3 (Authors Guild, 2002) includes the Philip K. Dick and Prometheus finalist title novel (Questar, 1989) and its sequels, 1996 magazine serial Kill All the Lawyers, and the final novel of the trilogy, Keep the Law. His non-series novels are Sea of Glass (St. Martin's/Avon, 1987; called "the single most underrated sf novel of all time"), the autobiographical mainstream, Saint Mary Blue (SteelDragon, 1988), Naked Came the Robot (Questar, 1998), The God Box (Signet, 1989), and The Homecoming (Walker, 1989).

For those in recovery, Saint Mary Blue follows a diverse group of patients through an addiction rehab (researched the hard way). Also in the recovery department is Yesterday's Tomorrow: Recovery Meditations For Hard Cases (Hazelden, 1997).

For mystery readers there is his Joe Torio Mystery Series from Enchanteds: The Hangman's Son (2011), Just Enough Rope (2012); and his latest release, the three-volume Rope Paper Scissors (2013).

Jaggers & Shad: ABC is for Artificial Beings Crimes (Enchanteds, 2011) is a complete collection of his Analog sf mysteries, including the Anlab novella winners "The Good Kill" and "Murder in Parliament Street."

His non-series collections are It Came From Schenectady (Bluejay, 1984) and Dark Corners (Enchanteds, 2011).

"Alten Kameraden," in the April-May 2010 Asimov's, was a Sideways finalist. Other short fiction is in Tales from the Spaceport Bar (Scithers and Schweitzer, ed.), Alien Encounters (finder, ed.), Liavek (Bull and Shetterley, eds.), Spaceships and Spells (Yolen, Greenberg, and Waugh, eds.), Catfantastic V (Norton and Greenerg, eds.),Future Wars (Segriff and Greenberg, eds.), Absolute Magnitude (Lapine and Pagel, eds.), Asimov's, Analog, F&SF, Absolute Magnitude, SciFiction, and Amazing.

Under writing instruction are his Science-fiction Writer's Workshop-I (Owlswick, 1980) and his comprehensive The Write Stuff (Enchanteds, 2011), a step-by-step course for those serious about fiction writing as an art. All Barry's works, either in trade paperback, Kindle, or both are available through Amazon and through his website:

Barry lives in Maine with his wife Regina, two dogs, and several thousand imaginary characters currently inhabiting his work-in-progress, The War Whisperer.