Ian R. MacLeod is the author of seven critically acclaimed novels and five short story collections, plus two large new "greatest hits" collections, Everywhere (JABberwocky Literary Agency, 2019), and Nowhere (JABberwocky Literary Agency, 2019). His work has won the Arthur C. Clarke award for the Year’s Best Novel, along with the Sidewise Award (twice) for Alternative-World Fiction, the World Fantasy Award (again twice), and the John W. Campbell Memorial award. His novels and short stories feature a mix of fantastic, historical, and futuristic elements, combined with a concern for character and vividly descriptive writing. Two of his best-known novels, The Light Ages (Ace, 2004) and The House of Storms (Ace, 2006), are set in an alternate universe 19th-century England, where aether, a substance that can be controlled by the mind, has ossified English society into guilds and has retarded technological progress.

He lives in the riverside town of Bewdley in England. He maintains a website at www.ianrmacleod.com and his Twitter feed is at @IanRMacleod1.