Barry N. Malzberg was a Guest of Honor at Readercon 4. His first five genre books are as by K. M. O'Donnell and include The Empty People (Lancer, 1969); novellas Dwellers Of The Deep (Ace Double, 1970 ) and Gather in the Hall of the Planets (Ace Double, 1971), the latter bound with his second story collection (see below); and Universe Day (Avon, 1971), which incorporates "Conquest" from Best SF: 1971 (Harrison and Aldiss, eds.).

Subsequent genre novels, as Malzberg, are The Falling Astronauts (Ace, 1971); Overlay (Lancer, 1972); Campbell Memorial winner Beyond Apollo (1972, Random House/Carroll & Graf); Revelations (Warner/Avon, 1972); In the Enclosure (Avon, 1973); Jupiter finalist Herovit's World (Random House/Pocket, 1973; slipstream); The Men Inside (Lancer, 1973); Nebula finalist Guernica Night (Bobbs-Merrill, 1974); The Destruction of the Temple (Pocket, 1974); Tactics of Conquest (Pyramid, 1974); The Day Of The Burning (Ace, 1974); On a Planet Alien (Pocket, 1974); The Sodom and Gomorrah Business (Pocket, 1974); Conversations (Bobbs-Merrill, 1975; YA); Galaxies (Pyramid/Gregg Press/Carroll & Graf, 1975), an expansion of 1975 Nebula finalist novella "A Galaxy Called Rome," selected by David Pringle for Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels, and reprinted in Three in Space (White Wolf, 1998); The Gamesman (Pocket, 1975); The Running of Beasts with Bill Pronzini (Putnam's/Black Lizard, 1976; suspense); Scop (Pyramid, 1976); Acts of Mercy with Pronzini (Putnam's/Leisure, 1977; suspense); The Last Transaction (Pinnacle, 1977); Chorale (Doubleday, 1978); Night Screams with Pronzini (Playboy, 1979; suspense); Prose Bowl with Pronzini (St. Martin's, 1980); The Cross of Fire (Ace, 1982), an expansion of "Le Croix" in The Best Science Fiction of the Year #10 (Carr, ed.); and Nebula and Philip K. Dick finalist The Remaking of Sigmund Freud (Del Rey, 1985). On a Planet Alien (ibooks, 2002) combines the title novel with Scop and In the Enclosure.

His erotic literary novels are Screen (Olympia, 1968), Oracle Of A Thousand Hands (Olympia, 1968), In My Parent's Bedroom (Olympia, 1970), Confessions of Westchester County (Olympia, 1971), The Spread (Belmont, 1971), Horizontal Woman (Leisure, 1972; 1977 as The Social Worker), and The Masochist (Tower, 1972). Underlay (Avon/International Polygonic, 1974), often cited by Malzberg as his personal favorite, is mainstream.

Both of his collections of SF criticism and essays, Engines of the Night (Doubleday/Bluejay, 1982) and Breakfast in the Ruins: Science Fiction in the Last Millennium (Baen, 2007), were Locus winners and Hugo finalists; the former also includes the Nebula short story finalist "Corridors." The Business of Science Fiction: Two Insiders Discuss Writing and Publishing, with Mike Resnick (McFarland, 2010) was a Hugo related book finalist. Recent and uncollected essays and reviews are at Baen's Universe, F&SF, and elsewhere (including numerous book introductions); see a future Program Guide for more details.

Malzberg's primary short story collections are Final War and Other Fantasies (as by K. M. O'Donnell, Ace Double, 1969), the title story a 1968 Nebula novelette finalist; In the Pocket and Other SF Stories (as by K. M. O'Donnell, Ace Double, 1971), including "Pacem Est" (with Kris Neville) and "Gehenna" from Best SF: 1970 and 1971 (Harrison and Aldiss, eds.); Out from Ganymede (Warner, 1974); The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg (Popular, 1975), including a handful of reprints including "Final War"; The Best of Barry N. Malzberg (Pocket, 1976); Down Here In the Dream Quarter (Doubleday, 1976), including "Making It All the Way into the Future on Gaxton Falls of the Red Planet" in The Norton Book of Science Fiction (Le Guin and Atteberry, eds.) and "A Galaxy Called Rome"; The Man Who Loved the Midnight Lady (Doubleday, 1980), the title story in The Century's Best Horror Fiction 1951-2000 (Pelan, ed.); In the Stone House (Arkham, 2000), including the 1994 Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and SF Chronicle short story finalist "Understanding Entropy" and the 1992 Hugo and SF Chronicle novelette finalist title story; and, with Bill Pronzini, On Account of Darkness and Other SF Stories (Five Star, 2004), including 1979 British SF short fiction finalist "Prose Bowl." Malzberg at Large (Ace, 1979) is a retrospective.

The omnibus The Passage of the Light: The Recursive Science Fiction of Barry N. Malzberg (NESFA, 1994) was edited by Mike Resnick and Anthony R. Lewis and includes Dwellers of the Deep, Gather in the Hall of the Planets, Herovit's World, "A Galaxy Called Rome, "Prose Bowl," "Corridors," and seven additional short stories (three previously uncollected).

"No Hearts, No Flowers" is in the 2nd The Year's Best Fantasy (Datlow and Windling, eds.), "The Timbrel Sound of Darkness" with Kathe Koja in Best New Horror 5 (Jones and Campbell, eds.), "Shiva" in Year's Best SF 5 (Hartwell, ed.), and "Ursus, Triad, Later" and "What We Did That Summer," both with Koja, are in the 10th and 15th Datlow and Windling The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Other uncollected short fiction can be found in Mars, We Love You (Hipolito and McNelly, eds.), Science Fiction Adventures from Way Out, The Graduated Robot, Journey to Another Star, Long Night of Waiting, The Missing World, Survival from Infinity, and Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters (all Elwood, ed.), Every Crime in the Book (Mystery Writers of America), Final Stage (Ferman and Malzberg, eds.), Miniature Mysteries (Asimov, Greenberg and Olander, eds.), 101 Mystery Stories (Pronzini and Greenberg, eds.), Graven Images (Ferman, ed.), Laughing Space (Asimov and Jeppson, eds.), 100 Hair Raising Little Horror Stories (Sarrantonio and Greenberg, eds.), Shadows 2 and 4 (Grant, ed.), Dark Lessons (Muller and Pronzini, eds.), Best Detective Stories of the Year 1980 and 1981 (Hoch, ed.), Tales of the Dead (Pronzini, ed.), The Second and Seventh Omni Books of Science Fiction, Omni Visions Two, A Whisper of Blood, Little Deaths, Twists of the Tale, The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Blood and Other Cravings (all Datlow, ed.), New Dimensions 12 (Silverberg and Randall, eds.), 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories (Asimov, Carr, and Greenberg, eds.), Asimov's Aliens and Outworlders (McCarthy, ed.), Witches (Asimov, Greenberg, and Waugh, eds.), Universe 15 (Carr, ed.), 100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories (Dziemianowicz, Weinberg, and Greenberg, eds.), In the Field of Fire (Dann and Dann, eds.), Bug-Eyed Monsters and Bimbos, Alternate Presidents, More Whatdunits, Alternate Outlaws, Again Alternate Worldcons, Alternate Tyrants, Men Writing Science Fiction as Women, Space Cadets, and I, Alien (all Resnick, ed.), Tropical Chills (Sullivan, ed.), A Treasury of American Mystery Stories (McSherry, Waugh and Greenberg, eds.), Phantoms, Horse Fantastic, and Christmas Bestiary (all Greenberg and Greenberg, eds.), Foundation's Friends, After the King, and Vampire Detectives (all Greenberg, ed.), Dick Tracy: The Secret Files (Collins and Greenberg, eds.), Universe 1 and 2 (Silverberg and Haber, eds.), Cold Shocks (Sullivan, ed.), Machines that Kill (Saberhagen, ed.), MetaHorror (Etchison, ed.), Alladin, Dinosaur Fantastic, Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, Witch Fantastic, and Return of the Dinosaurs (all Resnick and Greenberg, eds.), Tales of Riverworld (Farmer, ed.), Temporary Walls (Ketter and Garcia, eds.), Journeys to the Twilight Zone (C. Sterling, ed.), Honor of the Regiment (Fawcett, ed.), Weird Tales from Shakespeare (Kerr and Greenberg, eds.), Love in Vein (Brite and Greenberg, eds.), Alien Pregnant By Elvis (Friesner and Greenberg eds.), Deals With the Devil (Resnick, Estleman, and Greenberg, eds.), Dark Voices 6 (Sutton and Jones, ed.), How to Save the World (Sheffield, ed.), Forbidden Acts (Collins, Greenberg, and Kramer, eds.), Wheel of Fortune (Zelazny, ed.), Tombs (Kramer and Crowther, eds.), Alternate Skiffy (Resnick and Nielsen Hayden, eds.), In the Shadow of the Wall (Tetrick, ed.), Polyphony 3 and 6 (Layne and Lake, eds.), Conqueror Fantastic (Sargent, ed.), Stars (Ian and Resnick, eds.), Fate Fantastic (Greenberg and Hoyt, eds.), F&SF, Amazing, Alfred Hitchcock's, Fantastic, Omni, Mike Shayne's, Asimov's, Baen's Universe, SF Age, NonStop, Twilight Zone, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Postscripts, Weird Tales, Realms of Fantasy, Galaxy, Espionage, Fantasy Book, Skullduggery, and Ellery Queen's.

He was editor of Amazing / Fantastic in late 1968 and early 1969, and has edited the anthologies Final Stage (Charterhouse, 1974; Locus finalist), Arena: Sports SF (Doubleday, 1976), and Graven Images (Thomas Nelson, 1977) with Edward L. Ferman; Dark Sins, Dark Dreams (Doubleday, 1978), The End of Summer: Science Fiction of the Fifties (Ace, 1979), Shared Tomorrows: Science Fiction in Collaboration (St. Martin's, 1979), and Bug-Eyed Monsters (Harvest, 1980) with Bill Pronzini; Neglected Visions (Doubelday, 1979) with Joseph D. Olander and Martin H. Greenberg; Masters of Horror and the Supernatural: The Great Tales (1981 as The Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural (Bristol Park, 2010) with Pronzini and Greenberg; Uncollected Stars (Avon, 1987) with Piers Anthony, Greenberg, and Charles G. Waugh; and, solo, The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time (ibooks, 2003) .

He is also the author of the novelization of the film Phase IV (Pocket, 1973), of thirteen novels as Mel Johnson and one as Claudine Dumas for Midwood Press, of five novels as Gerrold Watkins and one as Francine Di Natale for The Traveller's Companion series, of the first 14 novels in the Lone Wolf series from Berkeley as Mike Barry, of a novel for Warner as Howard Lee and of one for Playboy Press as Lee W. Mason. He lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with his wife Joyce.