Kit Mayquist is the author of the upcoming debut Gothic novel Tripping Arcadia, (Dutton/Penguin Random House, 2022). A fan of everything spooky and indulgent, he is a bisexual trans man and writer passionate about exploring contemporary social issues through a Gothic lens, as well as the various ways New England is so charmingly creepy. Previously an editor and writer for Mythridate Magazine (2017-2020), his short story "Indelicate" was published September 2020. He has a MA degree in Medieval History from the University of Iceland, and a BA from Portland State University. (And if you ask him, yes, Stumptown will always have the best coffee.) Currently he resides in the historic shadows of Boston, MA, and can be found surrounded by antiques, perpetually hunched over his desk, with a sullen Persian cat in his lap. You can find him on twitter at @kmayquist or online at