Paul McAuley is the author of more than twenty novels, more than a hundred short stories, a Doctor Who novella, and a BFI Film Classic monograph on Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil. He became a full-time writer after working as a research biologist in various universities, including Oxford and University of California, Los Angeles, and as a lecturer in botany at St. Andrews University. His first novel, Four Hundred Billion Stars, won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award; his fifth, Fairyland, won the Arthur C. Clarke and John W. Campbell Awards. Other works have won the Sidewise Award, the British Fantasy Award, and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award -- and the Palgrave History of Science Fiction described his novel Confluence as one of “the two most significant SF novels of the 1990s.”

Paul McAuley’s other novels include Secret Harmonies; Red Dust; Pasquale’s Angel; The Secret of Life; Whole Wide World; White Devils; Mind’s Eye; Players; the Quiet War series, including The Quiet War, Gardens of the Sun, In The Mouth of the Whale and Evening’s Empires; two Jackaroo novels, Something Coming Through and Into Everywhere; and Austral. He has also written for a variety of magazines and national newspapers, including Crime Time, The Guardian, The Independent, Nature, New Scientist, Crime Time, Interzone, and Wired UK, and has appeared on BBC Breakfast TV and numerous radio programmes. He lives in North London. His website and blog are both at, and you can follow him on Twitter (@UnlikelyWorlds).