Patrick Nielsen Hayden is an anthologist, book editor, musician, and fan. His original anthology series Starlight won the World Fantasy Award, and stories from it won the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Tiptree, and Sturgeon Awards. With his wife, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, he co-edited the Hugo-nominated fanzine Izzard, won TAFF in 1985, and helped found the New York Review of Science Fiction; today, the Nielsen Haydens are among the regular instructors at the Viable Paradise writers' workshop, and co-write the weblog Making Light. Together, in 2003, they were awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award (the "Skylark"), for service to the field. By himself, Patrick has been a finalist for the Hugo for Best Professional Editor four times. For a living, he has edited literary criticism, book club mailings, and instruction manuals for punchcard systems. He works as a senior editor and the manager of SF and fantasy for Tor Books, and plays lead guitar and sings with the New York City band Whisperado. The Nielsen Haydens live in Brooklyn, New York.