Teresa Nielsen Hayden is an editor, writer, and fan. With her husband, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, she co-edited the Hugo-nominated fanzine Izzard, won TAFF in 1985, and helped found the New York Review of Science Fiction; today, the Nielsen Haydens are among the regular instructors at the Viable Paradise writers' workshop, and co-write the weblog Making Light. Together, in 2003, they were awarded the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award (the "Skylark"), for service to the field. By herself, Teresa was a finalist for the Hugo for Best Fan Writer in 1984 and 1991, and her essay collection Making Book (NESFA Press, 1994) was a finalist for the Hugo for Best Non-Fiction Book. For a living, she has edited comics, prurient novels, and literary criticism reference books. She works as a consulting editor for Tor Books. The Nielsen Haydens live in Brooklyn, New York.