Paul Park is the author of the trilogy The Starbridge Chronicles: Arthur C. Clarke finalist Soldiers of Paradise (Arbor/Avon, 1987; selected by Damien Broderick andPaul Di Filippo for Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010), Sugar Rain (Morrow/Avon, 1989), and The Cult of Loving Kindness (Morrow/AvoNova, 1991), the first two volumes in a 1989 SFBC omnibus as The Sugar Festival; Nebula and Tiptree finalist Celestis (HarperCollins (UK) as Coelsitis (Tor, 1993); The Gospel of Corax (Soho/Harvest, 1996); Three Marys (Cosmos, 2003); novella No Traveller Returns (PS, 2004); and the four-volume Tiptree finalist A Princess of Roumania from Tor: the World Fantasy and Sidewise finalist eponymous first volume (2005), Sidewise finalist The Tourmaline (2006), The White Tyger (2007), and The Hidden World (2008). His Forgotten Realms novel The Rose of Sarifal (Wizards of the Coast) was published in 2013, under the pseudonym Paulina Claiborne.

This month his new novel, All Those Vanished Engines, comes out from Tor. It is a three-part meta-science-fictional pseudo-memoir, and is very hard for the author to describe with any precision.

His short fiction collection If Lions Could Speak (Wildside, 2002) includes 1996 Locus short story finalist "The Last Homosexual," 1997 World Fantasy and Locus short story and Sturgeon finalist "Get a Grip," and the title story, a 2002 British SF short fiction finalist. "The Persistence of Memory, or This Space for Sale," in the 2010 The Year's Best Science Fiction andFantasy (Horton, ed.), was a 2009 World Fantasy short story finalist, and Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance, just out from PS Publishing in an expanded, illustrated chapbook edition, was a 2010 Nebula novella and Sturgeon finalist. "Fragrant Goddess" is in the 21st The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (Datlow, Link, and Grant, eds.), "Mysteries of the Old Quarter" in the 2012 The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror (Guran, ed.), and his pseudo-Norse edda, "Ragnarok," is in Year's Best SF 17 (Hartwell and Cramer, eds.) and is nominated for this year's Rhysling. Other uncollected short fiction is in Monochrome: The Readercon Anthology (Cholfin, ed.), Conjunctions 39 (Straub, ed.), Sideways in Crime (Anders, ed.), Other Earths (Lake and Gevers, eds.), and Strange Plasma.

He lives in Berkshire County with his wife Deborah and his children Lucius and Miranda.