Jennifer Pelland is a lapsed author turned bellydancer. She's known primarily for her short fiction, some of which was collected in Unwelcome Bodies (Apex, 2008), including the 2007 Nebula and Gaylactic Spectrum finalist "Captive Girl." "Ghosts of New York," in Dark Faith (Broaddus and Gordon, eds.) was a 2010 Nebula short story finalist. Recent uncollected short fiction includes "In the Manner of His Own Choosing" (Space and Time Magazine, Silverman, ed.) and "Star Dancer" (Glitter and Mayhem, Klima, Thomas, and Thomas, eds.). She is also the author of the novel Machine (Apex, 2012). Additionally, she is a published essayist, with pieces in the Hugo-nominated books Chicks Unravel Time (Myles and Stanish, eds.) and Queers Dig Time Lords (Ellis and Thomas, eds.).

Jennifer lives just outside Boston with an Andy and three cats. To read more about her former writing life, visit To learn about her late-in-life love of sparkles, visit