Most of Steven Popkes's written work makes his characters' lives unpleasant. He would like to be able to write heartwarming stories of human fortitude, and of the value of love and family, but doesn't have the knack.

Instead, he writes about miserable people with miserable lives who have a brief moment when they raise their heads and look around. Fortunately for him, some people share his misanthropic taste and he has been collected in several annual "Best of's"—most recently in the Best American Mystery Stories, released in fall of 2017.

He is an aerospace engineer by day. He lives near Boston, is a private pilot, and has a brown belt in Judo.

Steven Popkes is the author of Caliban Landing (Congdon and Weed, 1987) and Slow Lightning (Tor, 1991) and Welcome to Witchlandia (BVC, 2016). His "The Color Winter" (Asimov's, August 1988) was a Nebula Award short story and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist; "The Egg" was in the 7th The Year's Best Science Fiction (Dozois, ed.), "Fable for Savior and Reptile" in Year's Best Fantasy 3 (Hartwell and Cramer, eds.), and "Winters Are Hard," "The Ice," "The Great Caruso," and "Jackie's Boy" in the 20th, 21st, 23rd, and 28th Dozois Year's Best. Other short fiction appears in various places. He is a founding member of the Cambridge Science Fiction Workshop and was one of the contributors to their joint work, Future Boston (Smith, ed.).