Robert V.S. Redick is the author of the nautical epic fantasy series The Chathrand Voyage Quartet, published by Gollancz and Del Rey. The series began with The Red Wolf Conspiracy (2007) and concluded in February 2013 with The Night of the Swarm. He is at work on a new fantasy series.

Robert has short stories appearing this year in two anthologies: Fearsome Journeys (Solaris Books, ed. Jonathan Strahan, May) and Unfettered (Grim Oak Press, ed. Shawn Speakman, July). He will be teaching at the Shared Worlds summer camp in July. After World Fantasy in Brighton this year, Robert will continue east to Indonesia, where he’ll be living with his compañera until mid-2014.

Robert’s essay "Uncrossed River" won the 2005 New Millennium Writings Award for nonfiction. His unpublished first novel, Conquistadors, was a finalist for the 2002 Thomas Dunne Novel Award. He has lived and traveled extensively in Argentina, Colombia, and elsewhere in South America, and worked for the antipoverty organization Oxfam.

Redick supplements his writing income with an online turtle counseling service. More at