Paul Riddell is a native of Dallas, Texas, who will be celebrating his 48th birthday at Readercon. While completely unknown for contributions to fiction, and blessedly so, he is aggravatingly familiar with science fiction readers due to his nonfiction essays and articles, including contributions to "Tangent", "Science Fiction Eye," "Fuck Science Fiction," and other long-forgotten flotsam from the desktop publishing explosion of the Eighties and Nineties. Two collections of said detritus, Greasing the Pan: The "Best" of Paul T. Riddell and The Savage Pen of Onan: The "Best" of the "Hell's Half-Acre Herald", were released in 2009 by Fantastic Books to positive reviews and general Hugo voter indifference. Paul quit writing for science fiction in 2002, and now spends his time running the Texas Triffid Ranch, a carnivorous, prehistoric, and otherwise exotic plant nursery. Aside from writing and exotic flora, Paul is best known for experimenting with recipes for Buddha's Hand citron, better known as "Cthulhufruit", contributing gardening columns for Gothic Beauty magazine, searching for an otherwise unknown dromaeosaur that shed teeth over most of North Texas when Dallas was seaside property, planning to recreate the "Dick Dent" sequence from Sid & Nancy with at least two former editors, and having gained an FBI record in 1988 for allegedly selling government secrets to the Daleks. (For the record, he'd never sell government secrets to the Daleks: the Sontarans and Cybermen are more likely to pay up.)

His wife is known as "the Czarina" for her physical and temperamental resemblance to the chess-player in Fritz Leiber's "Midnight by the Morphy Watch", and not, as rumor has it, for her abilities at filling her husband with unbridled terror when he acts up. Two and only two of the preceding statements in this bio are untrue: guess which ones.