Madeleine Robins is a lifelong and passionate fan of cities and all things urban. She is the author of the author of The Stone War (Tor, 1999), a dark fantasy set in New York City and a New York Times Notable Book; and three Sarah Tolerance books, Point of Honour (Forge, 2003), Petty Treason (Forge, 2004), and the forthcoming The Sleeping Partner (Fall 2011 from Plus One Press), all set on the mean streets of Regency London. Robins is also the author of Daredevil: The Cutting Edge (Boulevard, 1999), and five Regency romances: Althea (Fawcett, 1977), My Dear Jenny (Fawcett, 1980), The Heiress Companion (Fawcett, 1982), Lady John (Fawcett, 1982), and The Spanish Marriage (Fawcett, 1984). The Salernitan Women, a take on Rapunzel set at the medical school of medieval Salerno, has just been delivered to Forge Books.

Robins's short fiction has appeared in F&SF, Asimovs', Starlight 3, edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden; Dying For It, edited by Gardner Dozois; Lace and Blade and Lace and Blade II, edited by Deborah Ross; Invitation to Camelot, edited by Park Godwin; and Christmas Magic, edited by David Hartwell. She is a founding member of Book View Cafe, where most of her short fiction, and her first novel, Althea, are available.

Robins has worked in book publishing, comic book publishing, has been an actor-combatant, repaired hurt books, and worked in the basement of the Houses of Parliament in London. She now lives in San Francisco, with her family, dog, and one expansionist lemon tree.