Karl Schroeder was born September 4, 1962 in Brandon, Manitoba. He comes from the same southern Manitoba Mennonite community as A.E. van Vogt. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, and divides his time between writing science fiction and consulting in Foresight Studies and technology. He is the author of the novels The Claus Effect (with David Nickle) (Tesseract Books in fall 1997); Ventus (Tor books, December 2000); Permanence (Tor Books, June 2002); Lady of Mazes (Tor Books, July 2005); short story collection The Engine of Recall (Red Deer Press, April 2005); Crisis in Zefra (Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts, National Defense Canada; November 2005); and the forthcoming Sun of Suns (Tor Books, October 2006). Ventus was declared a New York Times Notable book in 2001, and was short-listed for the Sunburst Award. Permanence won the 2003 Aurora Award for best Canadian SF novel. Lady was chosen by the Sci Fi channel as its August, 2005 Sci Fi Essentials book. His novels have been translated into French, Russian, and Lithuanian.

In addition, he has published The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Science Fiction, written with Cory Doctorow (MacMillan, August, 2000). His most recent non-fiction article was "Traitor to Both Sides" (The New York Review of Science Fiction, April 2005). He maintains two active weblogs, one at www.kschroeder.com which serves as a clearing-house for information on his writing; the other at www.kschroeder.com/blog is devoted to an ongoing analysis of the rising sensibility of the post-postmodern era.