Alison Sinclair has published sf novels Legacies (Millennium/HarperPrism, 1995), Blueheart (Millennium/HarperPrism, 1996 ), and Arthur C. Clarke finalist Cavalcade (Millennium, 1998); the Darkborn fantasy trilogy for Roc: Darkborn (2009), Lightborn (2010), and Shadowborn (2011); and collaborated with Lynda Williams on the 4th volume of her Okal Rel saga, Throne Price (Edge, 2003). Her short fiction has appeared in Space, Inc. (Czerneda, ed.), Interzone, and Back Brain Recluse. After an odyssey through several higher learning institutions, various branches of science, and assorted cities in the western hemisphere (including a stint on the Readercon 2 committee), she now lives in Montréal, Canada, and works in Health Technology Assessment, where innovation meets evidence meets economics. Her website is at