Joan Slonczewski researches bacteria in extreme environments and writes award-winning SF about future medicine, revolutions, and alien sexualities. In The Highest Frontier (Tor Books, 2011; Campbell Award) a Kennedy daughter goes to college at an orbital space habitat protected from alien invasion by Homeworld Security. Slonczewski’s earlier Campbell-award winning classic, A Door into Ocean (Tor Books, 1986) creates a world covered entirely by ocean, inhabited by an all-female race of humans who use genetic engineering to defend their unique ecosystem. Brain Plague (Tor Books, 2000; Arc Manor, 2009) shows intelligent alien microbes that enhance human brain power – at a price. The genesis of these unique addictive microbes is depicted in The Children Star (Tor Books, 1998; Arc Manor, 2009), a "creature feature" great for families. Slonczewski teaches biology at Kenyon College, including the notorious course "Biology in Science Fiction."