Sarah Smith's Titanic book is out! It's out! It's fucking out! Actual title is Crimes and Survivors (Max Light Books, 2020), a multicultural mystery set aboard RMS Titanic and in 1912 New York.

Her previous novels include The Knowledge of Water (Ballantine, 1996; NY Times Notable), A Citizen of the Country (Ballantine, 2000; Entertainment Weekly Editor's Choice), Chasing Shakespeares (Atria, 2003), and The Other Side of Dark (YA paranormal thriller, Atheneum, 2009; winner of the Agatha and the Massachusetts Book Award). Both The Vanished Child and Chasing Shakespeares are currently being made into musicals. She has also published an e-edition of "The Paine of Pleasure" (the real possibly-Shakespearean poem from Chasing Shakespeares) as A New Shakespearean Poem? (Small Beer Press, 2011). Her "novels for the computer" include the interactive dark fantasy King of Space (Eastgate Systems, 1991; apparently the first SF hypertext) and two web serials, the fantasy Doll Street (Chicago Tribune, 1996) and the near-future SF Riders (Chicago Tribune, 1996-97). Her short stories have appeared in Best New Horror 5 (eds. Jones and Campbell; Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1994), Future Boston: The History of a City 1990-2100 (ed. Smith; Orb Books, 1995), Impossible Futures (with Justus Perry; eds. Easton and Klein-Dial; Pink Narcissus Press, 2013), Decopunk (eds. Easton and Klein-Dial; Pink Narcissus Press, 2015), and Conspiracy! (eds. Easton and Klein-Dial; NESFA Press, 2016), among others.

Her current lead project is a fantasy set in 19th-century Brazil. (It has revolution, doomed love, and giant eagles who talk Latin!) She's also working on a book about the education of a medium and a novelization of Riders. Her entirely imaginary publishing house, Max Light Books, is helping to republish Thomas Disch's Amnesia.

Sarah is a member of the Cambridge Speculative Fiction Workshop. She lives in Brookline, MA, with her family and not enough cats.