Sherwood Smith has published over 40 books, one of which was an Anne Lindbergh Honor Book. She's twice been a finalist for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and once a Nebula finalist. When there isn't a pandemic going on, she teaches at the Viable Paradise science fiction and fantasy writers' workshop on Martha's Vineyard. Her latest books include A Sword Named Truth (DAW, 2019) and Time of Daughters (Book View Café, 2019). Both are epic fantasies. Visit her Patreon for daily chapters of her pandemic project, an epic fantasy in the Xianxia or Xuanhuan tradition.

She studied in Europe before earning a Masters in history, afterward working as a governess, a bartender, and an electrical supply verifier—not all at the same time—until she capped quotations of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by a screenwriter, who promptly offered her a job. She wore various hats in the film industry before she turned to writing books. Sherwood has been a reader as long as she's been a writer, and enjoys reviewing books in various places such as Goodreads and her blog at Dreamwidth. Her website is at