Sherwood Smith (pronouns: she or they) has been trying to trade biographies with someone rich, famous, and charismatic, but until then has to stick with having studied in Europe before earning a masters in history, afterward working as a governess, a bartender, and an electrical supply verifier—not all at the same time. After that she wore various hats in the film industry before turning to teaching for twenty years, an experience that has led her to be one of the current roster of instructors at the genre-specific writers' workshop at Martha's Vineyard, Viable Paradise (

To date she's published over forty books, one of which was an Anne Lindbergh Honor Book; she's twice been a finalist for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award and once a Nebula Award finalist. Her YA fantasy novel Crown Duel has been in print for over twenty years.

Her latest books include A Sword Named Truth (DAW, June 2019) and the forthcoming A Time of Daughters, both epic fantasy. Also, Traitor, the last book of the Change YA hopeful dystopian series, is forthcoming and was co-written with Rachel Manija Brown. Her website is