Romie Stott is poetry co-editor at Strange Horizons. Her short story "A Robot Walks Into A Bar" won the 2012 Intel/Arc Tomorrow Project "Future Pleasures" Prize, and her historical fantasy feature screenplay Ratcatcher was a top 10 finalist in the 2012 American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition. Her nonfiction essays have appeared in Atlas Obscura, The Billfold, and The Awl. She is sole author of the speculative microfiction project Postorbital (

As a narrative filmmaker (working mainly as Romie Faienza), Romie has been a guest artist at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the National Gallery in London. She is the writer/director of the short films "The Origin of the Milky Way," "The Sleeping People" (part of Jonathan Lethem's Promiscuous Materials Project), and "Aperture," and the feature film Hayseeds & Scalawags. She has worked in various roles on more than 100 movies, including After The World Ended.

Her short fiction includes "Outlaw Story" (Grasslimb, 15.2), "Six Bands You Didn't Know Were Broken Up By Yoko Ono" (The Toast), "Unattached Metaphors" (The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts), "Every Hand A Winner" (Farrago's Wainscot), "Three Young Men" (King David and the Spiders From Mars; ed. Lieder; Dybbuk Press, 2014), "The Eggshell Curtain" (Daughters of Frankenstein: Lesbian Mad Scientists!; ed. Berman; Lethe Press, 2015), "The Wishing Hour" (Stupefying Stories), "Judith and Holofernes" (She Nailed a Stake Through His Head: Tales of Biblical Terror; ed. Lieder; Dybbuk Press, 2010), "The Hungry Child" (Superficial Flesh, Toasted Cake).

Notable poems by Romie include "Song of Singularity" (On Spec), "Grandiflora" (Polu Texni), "Alien Ginsburg" (Dreams & Nightmares), "Splinter Song" (Liminality), "Counter Rant" and "People Yelling In German" (Punchnel's), "The End of Tim" (inkscrawl), "Remainders" (Dark Mountain), "A Test of the Great Man Theory of History" (New Verse News), and "Summer and Austin Have Left Their Apartment for a House" (Strange Horizons).

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