Vinnie Tesla's novelette "Ota Discovers Fire" received the Circlet Press Fantastic Erotica Award in 2012; it's in the associated print anthology, Fantastic Erotica (Circlet Press, 2013; Tan & Zaiatz, eds), and available as a stand-alone e-book. He is also the author of the pornographic steampunk fix-up The Erotofluidic Age (Circlet, 2011).

His smutty SF comic books The Eidolon Initiative (cyberpunk) and Fruiting Bodies (lite horror) should, God willin' and the crick don't rise, be available as print and ebooks from Circlet by the date of Readercon. Failing that, they can be read online as part of the Tales of Gnosis College webcomic archive:

He once had a pretty good blog at; any clanking and cursing you may hear from arise his current attempts to assemble a new one. He lives in Medford, Massachusetts, with his spousalbeast and a flatulent cattle dog.