Jeffrey Thomas is the author of the dark science fiction series Punktown, which was introduced with the collection Punktown (Ministry of Whimsy Press, 2000) and includes the novels Monstrocity (Prime Books, 2003; Bram Stoker Award finalist), Deadstock (Solaris Books, 2007; John W. Campbell Award finalist), and Blue War (Solaris Books, 2008). His other books include the novels Boneland (Bloodletting Press, 2004) and The American (JournalStone, 2020), and the short story collections The Unnamed Country (Word Horde, 2019) and Carrion Men (Plutonian Press, 2020). His stories have been reprinted in The Year's Best Horror Stories XXII (ed. Wagner; DAW 1994), The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual Collection (eds. Datlow and Windling; St. Martin's Griffin, 2001), and Year's Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 1 (eds. Barron and Kelly; Undertow Publications, 2014). Thomas lives in Massachusetts.