Eric M. Van was a World Fantasy Award finalist (Special Award—Non-Professional) for 2009 for his work as co-C.E.O. and longtime Program Chair of this very convention. Many years previously, he was database manager for the Philip K. Dick Society; his observations on PKD have appeared in the New York Review of Science Fiction. The outline (really a skeleton draft) for his novel Imaginary is approaching 80,000 words in length.

At the turn of the millennium he spent four years back at his alma mater, Harvard, as a Special Student affiliated with the Graduate Department of Psychology. Since 1998 and/or this January he has been working half-assiduously on the paper "A Testable Theory of Phenomenal Consciousness and Causal Free Will," and planning the book version, A Nature of Consciousness; both include a great deal of speculative physics (his original undergraduate major) . It will be followed by The Chemistry of Cognitive Control: How Brain Chemistry Creates Personality and Feeling the Future: The Evolutionary Origins and Cognitive Structure of Human Feeling States .

He was a sabermetric Baseball Operations consultant for the Boston Red Sox from 2005 to 2009, the team having won precisely zero playoff games since he and his fellows were laid off that winter. He has an interview in the hardcover edition of Interviews from Red Sox Nation (Laurilia, ed.), is a co-author of The Red Sox Fan Handbook (Grossman, ed.), and has contributed to the sports section of The Boston Globe. A former rock critic for local 'zines and the semi-official historian of reunited Boston rock legends Mission of Burma, he now does more film and TV criticism (mostly for his blog, The Antepenultimate Truth, He lives (and sleeps erratically) in Watertown, Massachusetts.