Kestrell Verlager is an independent scholar and disability advocate who writes and speaks about the intersections of disability and technology, often using science fiction as a touchstone to explore cultural ideas and attitudes. Her interests range from people with disabilities as early adopters and adapters of technology to the use of common materials such as 3D printing and Lego to create affordable prosthetics. She is also an advocate for accessible books: if you have questions, please ask! Kestrell holds a master's degree in media studies from MIT.

Her most recent publication is "The Touring Intelligent Machine: Designing an Accessible Virtual Tour of MIT through a Voice-Based Alexa Adventure Game", a conference paper delivered at MIT in May 2019. Previous articles and papers include: "Decloaking Disability: Images of Disability and Technology in Science Fiction Media" ( and "What Good Writers Still Get Wrong About Blind People" in three parts: Part 1:; Part 2:; Part 3: