Konrad Walewski is a Polish writer, translator, anthologist, literary critic, and, most recently, the editor and co-publisher of the Polish edition of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, whose very first issue was published in Poland in February 2010. He introduced several Anglophone writers onto the Polish literary scene, including Thomas M. Disch, Jeffrey Ford, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Kelly Link, Jeff VanderMeer, and many others. He has translated such books as Synners by Pat Cadigan, The Solitudes by John Crowley, Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link, and numerous short stories by most celebrated American and British authors of imaginative fiction. He did interviews and wrote articles and reviews for Nowa Fantastyka (the first Polish fantasy and science fiction magazine) and Nowe Książki (a monthly review of books). He also taught various courses on American literature at the American Studies Centre, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland.

His books as editor include three volumes of an annual anthology Kroki w nieznane (Steps into the Unknown), and Wielkie dzieło czasu (Great Work of Time), an anthology of short fiction about time inspired by and entitled after John Crowley's novella. He currently lives in London, UK. He has a website in Polish at www.konradwalewski.com. The Polish edition of F&SF also has a website at www.fandsf.pl.