W. B. J. Williams (Walt) is the author of The Garden at the Roof of the World, an historical fantasy romance (DragonWell Publishing 2013). This is his debut novel, which placed as a semi-finalist in the Amazon.com breakthrough novel contest in 2009. His works in progress include The Hacker of Guantanamo Bay, a near future cyberpunk novel, and Alchemy and Absinthe, an historical fantasy. His short story, "You Tiger You," appeared in Epic India in 2007.

He holds advanced degrees in anthropology and archeology, is an avid amateur historian, a mystic, a poet, and manages an information security program at a prominent New England start-up. His first non-fiction book focused on information security architecture, Security for Service Oriented Architecture (Auerbach Publications, April 2014) and is a successor to articles published in the Information Security Management Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume 6 (Auerbach Publications 2012) and, Volume 7 (Auerbach Publications 2013).

Walt is an active member of the Online Writer's Workshop from 2003-current, and a member of the Newport Round Table. He sat as a panelist at Arisia in 2014 where he shared how anthropology provides a useful approach to representing the other in fiction with accuracy and respect. He is noted for his bad puns, and willingness to argue from almost any perspective. He is endured by his beloved wife and two daughters, and lives in Sharon, Massachusetts. When he is not at home or at his computer, he can often be found haunting the various used bookstores of Boston. You can learn more about him and his work at: www.wbj-williams.net.