Readercon 31

August 13-15, 2021 (See our latest announcement for more.)
Hosted online!

Dealer Information

The Dealers Room (a.k.a. Bookshop) is one of Readercon's major attractions. We have 25–30 dealers each convention selling a fascinating variety of new and vintage books, magazines and other printed materials. Our dealers have a terrific selection of general interest titles, and many have intriguing special collections. Also included in our bookshop are representatives of some of the finest small presses and magazines in the speculative literature field today.

The initial Dealer Letter and Application Form for Readercon 31 (2020) will be sent out in early March to all Readercon dealers of record, plus any others who have requested information about being in the Readercon Bookshop. Meanwhile, if you would like to be added to the dealer notification list or are an author wishing to connect with a dealer to sell your book(s), please email us at Be sure to include a valid postal address in addition to your preferred email address.